Sample Cool Tools

Cool Tools are lesson plans used to teach the school's behavior expectations - they teach all the students what is expected of them and what that looks like. Throughout the school year, new lessons should be taught to all students. Selection, creation, and priority for which lessons are taught should be based on your school's data.


If you have any cool tools you would like to share with other schools that are implementing PBIS, please email them to us and we can post them to the site. 


Assemblies and Other Speakers

Audience Behavior

Behavior - Middle School


Be Kind and Respectful-Waiting Your Turn PreK

General Safety-Intermediate

General - Middle School

General Safety-Primary

Locust Lane Elementary

Ripon Middle School Poster


Be Kind and Respectful-PreK

General Safety-Intermediate

General Safety-Primary

Ripon Middle School


Ashland Video-High School


Locust Lane Elementary

Middle School

Walking Feet-PreK 


Conflict Resolution

Getting Help

Personal Space

Responsibility in Community

Responsibility at School

Ripon Middle School Library

Ripon Middle School Office

Table Manners

Various High School Examples

Verbal Respect


Nottingham West Elementary - New Hampshire


Indoor/Cold Weather

Playground/Indoor Play - Middle School

Recess Middle School

Snow Play


Behavior Lesson Plan Template

Cool Tool Template

Responsibility Template

Voice Level

Locust Lane Elementary

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