Michelle Polzin


Michelle Polzin

Regional Technical Assistance Coordinator

Welcome to the Wisconsin PBIS Network East Region!

I am excited to begin my 5th year with the WI RTI Center as a PBISTechnical Assistance Coordinator for the East Region! I have been working with district and school teams throughout the region and have gained additional knowledge and expertise in effective, efficient and sustainable implementation of behavioral and academic RTI systems. I am a Tier 1 PBIS Trainer and will begin co-training as a Tier 2 PBIS Trainer this year.

Over the past 14 years, I have developed expertise in:

  • Response to Intervention (RTI) for academics & behavior
  • High school PBIS implementation
  • Early Warning Systems (EWS)
  • School-wide Information System (SWIS)
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
  • Systems Coaching
  • Data-based decision-making
  • Solutions-Focused Problem Solving
  • Progress monitoring 
  • Evidence-Based Practices (EBP). 

The East Regional Technical Assitance Coordinators provide services to all schools within the CESA 6 & CESA 7 territory. I am very pleased to share the role of TAC with my regional partner, Stephanie Skolasinski. If you would like to speak with me or meet with me to discuss readiness for PBIS training or would like assistance with on-site PBIS implementation and long-range district planning, you can call or email to ask questions or schedule a visit.

Michelle Polzin, M.S.E.


East Region Contact

Michelle Polzin

PBIS Regional Technical Assistance Coordinator

(920) 236-0521

(920) 479-8042 


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