South Region PBIS Updates


Winter Wonderland seems to have arrived everywhere in our lovely state!

RTI/PBIS is now in almost half of the schools in WI! This means as Regional Technical Assistance Coordinators and Trainers,  we have been very busy indeed! To be more effective and efficient in meeting your needs, we have done a bit of 're-orginizing' and will be sharing our regional duties with Kent Smith from the West Region. THANK YOU KENT! We have assigned primary contact duties for each CESA and some of the larger school districts to each of us as follows:

Rachel Saladis: CESA 2 Schools. Contact Rachel at: 608-697-7539     e-mail

Peg Mazeika CESA 5 Schools. Contact Peg at: 608-697-6379   e-mail

Kent SMith CESA 3 Schools and Baraboo, Stevens Point, Beloit and Janesville Districts. Contact Kent at 715-301-0002 e-mail:

Lynn Johnson CESA 2,3,5 Academic RTI Technical Assistance contact Lynn at 608-617-0857   e-mail:

  We hope to see you at the  Integrated Networking sessions we are doing this year. These are full day sessions for both Academic and Behavior Coaches. Pupil Service Staff and Administrators who are implementing Academic RTI and or PBIS in their schools/districts. The morning will generally be structured around the process and supports for integrating behavior and academic RTI implementation within your schools and districts. The afternoon will usually be dedicated to resource sharing, networking and technical assistance via break-out sessions specific to topics of interest from our audience or areas of concern based in our state data.

Our next Integrated Networking Sessions are:

CESA 3 Jan 29 at CESA 3. 9-3:30 registration via myquickreg from the CESA3 Calendar of events for Jan 29 click on the Integrated Networking link. Kent Smith and Lynn Johnson will be presenting.

CESA 5 Feb 11 at CESA 5 9-3:30 registration via myquickreg from CESA 5 Calendar of Events for Feb 11 click on the link for Integrated Networking. Presenters will be Peg Mazeika and Lynn Johnson.

CESA 2 Feb 27 at CESA 2 9-2:30 registration via myquickreg from the CESA 2 Training and Workshops Calendar for Feb 27, click on the link for Integrated Networking. Presenters Rachel Saladis and Lynn Johnson.

We hope to see you there! Happy Holidays! ~Peg, Rachel, Lynn and Kent 




South Region Update #1

December 2011

Hello South Region Friends!

Peg and I continue to be honored to be supporting such wonderful school and districts! Your hard work and dedication is a wonderful thing to see.

Remember to get those Self Assessment Surveys done and MORE IMPORTANTLY, use that data for ACTION PLANNING!!!! Feel free to contact either of us for assistance with the new website if you are experiencing difficulties or to help with getting assessment windows opened.

Please send an email with a recent celebration - large or small - to either of us - we love to hear your stories!

Take care all - winter break will be here soon!!! Enjoy!


Rachel and Peg

South Region Update #2

April 21,2011

Hello PBIS friends! I am SO excited to have finally figured out this blog portion of our website! You will have to bear with me as I "fine tune" my blogging skills...:)

Congratulations to the following schools for reaching fidelity as evidenced by the PBS survey website!

Janesville Franklin Mid
Janesville Jackson El
Janesville Lincoln El
Janesville Madison El
Janesville Marshall Mid
Janesville Van Buren El
Janesville Washington El
Janesville Wilson El
Madison Metropolitan Black Hawk Mid
Madison Metropolitan Cherokee Heights Mid
Madison Metropolitan Emerson El
Madison Metropolitan Huegel El
Madison Metropolitan Lake View El
Madison Metropolitan Leopold El
Madison Metropolitan Lindbergh El
Madison Metropolitan Lowell El
Madison Metropolitan Muir El
Madison Metropolitan Sennett Mid
Madison Metropolitan Sherman Mid
Madison Metropolitan Spring Harbor Mid
Milton East El
Monona Grove Cottage Grove El
Monona Grove Maywood El
Monona Grove Monona Grove Hi
Monona Grove Taylor Prairie El
Monona Grove Winnequah Sch
Monroe Abraham Lincoln El
Monroe Monroe Mid
Monroe Northside El
North Cape North Cape El
Palmyra-Eagle Area Palmyra El
Sun Prairie Area Bird El
Sun Prairie Area Creekside El
Sun Prairie Area Eastside El
Sun Prairie Area Horizon El
Washington-Caldwell Washington El
Watertown Unified Lincoln El
Wisconsin School for the Deaf Wisconsin School for the Deaf
Baraboo East El
Portage Community Muir El
Wild Rose Pleasant View El
Wild Rose Wild Rose El

WHOOOO WHOOOOO!!!!! Way to go folks!


A reminder to you all that this is the time of year that we are asking each of your teams to complete the Benchmarks of Quality. You can find a handy webinar here. I will be sending you a special Thank You when your BoQ is completed!

Hope to see you all at the next Coach Networking Session in your area!

Think Spring - it WILL get here eventually!!!


South Region Contact


Liz Ptaschinski

PBIS Regional Technical Assistance Coordinator

(608) 617-4121


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Rachel Saladis

PBIS Regional Technical Assistance Coordinator

(608) 697-7539


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