West Region PBIS Updates

February 27, 2014

Hello again West Region!

Hopefully you’ve all been safe and staying warm in this especially cold and snowy winter! We haven’t updated you in awhile so have a lot of information to share this time around.

Future Plans and Feedback

We would love to have your feedback on networking opportunities this year and our plans for next year. Please take this brief survey to help us support you and your teams: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/F9ZD7DG.


To begin, we are changing the way that we set up PBIS trainings in the West Region. In the past, we set dates with CESAs up to a year in advance and advised schools to look for dates on the calendars when they wanted trainings. Since we have so many schools trained in PBIS and have had to cancel trainings due to low registration numbers, we have a new plan! The new plan is fairly simple: If you want training at any level, please contact Kent, Linda, or Milaney. We are keeping lists of interested schools for each training and overview, and will set dates and locations as soon as we have enough schools to build a cohort (the magic number is 4 building teams).

To kick off our new training plan, we have a list of schools who are interested in learning more about Tier II so we have set up a Tier II/III Administrative Overview on May 8th at Turtleback Golf Course in Rice Lake, WI. If you’re interested in signing up, here is the link for more details and registration: http://login.myquickreg.com/agency/event/event.cfm?eventid=8943.

Integrated Networking

In addition to trainings, we offer Integrated Networking and Technical Assistance Sessions with our academically focused partners. Upcoming dates for these sessions for the rest of the school year are:




March 13, 11:30-3:00

March 27, 12:00-3:30

April 4, 8:30-11:30

May 6, 11:30-3:00

May 14, 12:00-3:30


Makeup date: June 3




Specific information and registration for Integrated Networking sessions can be found on our website at this link: http://www.wisconsinpbisnetwork.org/events-calendar.html.


In addition to a new way of scheduling training, we are trying to determine the most convenient and efficient ways to communicate updates with our coaches and teams. We are currently experimenting with a site called Glassboard at http://www.glassboard.com/. This site is similar to Facebook in that it allows users to post on boards/walls and it has an app designed for iPhone/iPad/Android devices. The Glassboard app is free and allows us to connect with coaches and teams in an open forum, and more importantly gives our coaches and teams the opportunity to connect with each other.  We will monitor the West Region PBIS board and determine whether or not to continue using it at the end of this school year. If you choose to join, you’ll need an invitation code to access our West Region PBIS board, which is: xfkyk.

Recognition Applications

As we have in the past, the WI RtI Center is planning to recognize schools with strong PBIS and academic RtI practices. We will have applications available on our websites (www.wisconsinpbisnetwork.org or www.wisconsinrticenter.org), with the application window open from March 3rdMay 1st. Stay tuned for more details, or contact Kent, Linda, or Milaney with questions.

Film Festival

Do you have an awesome PBIS video that you’d like to share with the world? Or at least with other schools in Wisconsin? We are holding our second annual film festival, with submissions due May 1st. Last year’s festival was very successful and the winning videos are posted on our website here: http://www.wisconsinpbisnetwork.org/film-festival.html. For more details about this year’s festival, here is the flyer: http://www.wisconsinpbisnetwork.org/assets/files/resources/1391461356_FilmFestival.pdf.

2014 Leadership Conference

Speaking of the film festival, entries will be reviewed and attendees at the 2014 conference will vote for the winners via smartphone technology! The 2014 conference will be held August 18-20 at the Kalahari Resort. Look for more details and registration to open on March 3rd. Spaces tend to fill up quickly!



September 6, 2013

Welcome back, West Region! We hope that you had a good summer!

Here are some updates that we would like to share with you:

Congratulations to all of you for implementing PBIS! There are so many schools now in our region that, as Technical Assistance Coordinators (TACs), we have decided that each district will have Kent, Linda, or Milaney as a primary TAC. Whoever is assigned to your district will be your first point of contact with the PBIS Network and will be the most knowledgeable about your district and its particular needs. Should you need to contact another TAC for any reason, please feel free to do so! Kent and Milaney are also Tier I and Tier II trainers for the state, which means you may have direct contact with one of them to plan trainings. 

CESA 4   CESA 10   CESA 11  
Arcadia Milaney Abbotsford Kent  Baldwin-Woodville Milaney 
Bangor Linda Altoona Linda Barron Milaney 
Black River Falls Kent Augusta Linda  Boyceville  Milaney 
Blair-Taylor Linda Bloomer Milaney Cameron  Kent 
Cochrane-Fountain City Linda Bruce Milaney Chetek-Weyerhauser  Milaney 
Galesville-Ettrick-Trempealeau Linda Chippewa Falls Linda  Clayton Milaney 
Holmen Linda Colby Linda  Durand  Linda 
Independence Kent Cornell Milaney  Elk Mound  Linda 
La Crosse Kent Eau Claire Kent  Hudson  Kent 
Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton Linda Eleva-Strum  Linda Luck  Linda 
Onalaska Linda Fall Creek Linda  Menomonie  Kent 
Sparta Linda Flambeau Milaney  Osceola  Kent 
Tomah Linda Gilman  Linda  Plum City  Linda 
Viroqua Kent Gilmanton  Linda  Prairie Farm  Milaney 
West Salem Linda Ladysmith  Linda  Prescott  Linda 
Westby Kent Medford Kent  Shell Lake  Milaney 
Wonewoc-Union Center Kent Mondovi  Linda Siren Linda
    Neilsville Linda Turtle Lake Milaney
    New Auburn Milaney Unity Linda
    Osseo-Fairchild Linda    
    Stanley-Boyd Linda    
    Thorp Linda    

PBIS Applications (your access to the BOQ, TIC, SAS, BAT, MATT, etc.) and SWIS have been drastically upgraded over the past few months! If you have forgotten how to login follow this link to Login to PBIS Apps.


Our website www.wisconsinpbisnetwork.org includes a Coaching Calendar which will help you plan for the year.


Last year we offered Integrated Networking sessions to discuss both Academic and Behavioral (PBIS) systems of Response to Intervention (RTI). We will continue those sessions this school year and welcome your feedback as to needs in the region or in your districts.

  • Technical assistance and time to network with other schools in your area are key components of these sessions. 
  • The target audience includes: district administrators, principals, RtI coordinators, PBIS and content area coaches and educator leaders committed to implementing an integrated multi-level system of support that addresses behavior and academics. 

Specific information and registration for Integrated Networking sessions can be found on our website at this link: http://www.wisconsinpbisnetwork.org/events-calendar.html.

2013-14 Integrated Networking Dates




Sept. 20, 11:30-3:00


Friday Dec 6, 1:00-3:00

(NOT Oct. 31)

Sept. 30, 8:30-11:30

Nov. 18, 11:30-3:00

Jan. 29, 1:00-3:00

Nov. 22, 8:30-11:30

March 13, 11:30-3:00

March 27, 1:00-3:00

Jan. 24, 8:30-11:30

May 6, 11:30-3:00

May 14, 1:00-3:00

April 4, 8:30-11:30

Makeup date: June 3



Your West Region Technical Assistance Coordinators for PBIS,

Kent Smith, Linda Stead, and Milaney Leverson



April 26, 2013

Spring is finally here! Along with spring, there is a fresh look for a few websites that many of us use regularly (more details below)! In addition, we have completed our first of the Integrated Networking days in each of our CESAs (4, 10, and 11) and are moving on to Day 2 of Integrated Networking in each of our CESAs with a focus on behavioral and academic data. We hope to see you all at your closest networking event before the end of the school year!

As promised, here are more details on the website switch mentioned above, directly from our friends at PBIS Apps (PBIS Assessments, SWIS, and PBIS Evaluations):

Your official introduction to PBISApps.org happened on April 25th at 6:00 a.m. PDT, with the release PBISApps.org to all of our users. We encourage you to take some time to explore the site for all of the new features and resources available to you through PBISApps.org.

We have heard concerns from some of you about how your schools will login and what their experience will be if they try to go to any of our application-specific sites. Here is what you can expect starting Thursday:

Users will be Redirected to PBISApps:
Once PBISApps goes live, anyone trying to go to www.swis.orgwww.pbisassessment.org orwww.pbiseval.org will be redirected to www.PBISApps.org automatically.

Schools trying to access PBIS Assessment will be redirected to the PBIS Assessment Application page. School staff trying to simply login to PBIS Assessment to take a survey will be able to enter their school id directly on this page.

Logging in to Access the Apps in PBISApps:
Once on PBISApps.org, you can login once by clicking on the PBIS Applications Login link at the top-right hand corner of the screen or by entering your username and password in the Login box in the middle of the homepage. Your username and password will be the same username and password you have always used to access all of our applications. After you’ve logged in, you can choose to go to any of the applications you use by clicking on the name of the application in the black bar at the top of the screen.

For a video tutorial on the login process, please take a look at: http://video.pbisapps.org/medias/y9t0n5sa1e.

****Please contact Kent, Linda or Milaney if you have questions or difficulty accessing the new website.****


Your West Region Technical Assistance Coordinators for PBIS,

Kent Smith, Linda Stead, and Milaney Leverson





February 14th, 2013

Hello again West Region PBIS teams!

We hope you had a wonderful break from school around the holidays, and that the winter weather isn’t getting to you yet! We have a few updates to share with you: 

Is your school thinking about how to integrate academic and behavior conversations?

We are talking about this at the state level and are trying to find the best way to support districts and schools in this work. In an effort to begin the conversation, we are holding Integrated Coach Networking in CESAs 10 and 11 this spring! This will be an interactive half-day session with information from the RTI Center and time to network with other teams. The dates are as follows: 

CESA 10: Monday, March 4th (Session 1:30-3:30)

CESA 11: Wednesday, April 3rd (Registration 8:00-8:30, Session 8:30-11:30)

Please contact your CESA or go to the WI RTI Center calendar for more information about registering.

Do you have a cool tool video that your staff and students worked tirelessly to create? Do you wish the whole world could see it?

Well, at our 2013 Leadership Conference in Wisconsin Dells (August 20-21) we will be holding our first-ever Wisconsin PBIS Network Film Festival! The conference session will showcase top entries from Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. Live voting via smartphone technology will determine the winners. Entries are due by May 1st. Follow these directions to enter your school’s PBIS videos:

  • Upload video to www.pbisvideos.com or other video website such as YouTube
  • Name your video and bookmark the link
  • Send the following information via e-mail to Michelle Polzin at polzinm@wisconsinpbisnetwork.org
  • Subject Line: (School_District Name) 2013 Film Festival Entry_Category_Topic
  • Message Text: Paste the link to your video in the message and include the contact information for the lead person on your video team

Here’s the link to the conference information page: http://www.wisconsinpbisnetwork.org/coaches/2013-conference.html

Registration will be opening soon! Also, if you have parents on your team (that do not work in your building), they can come to the conference for a discounted rate! Contact Kent, Linda, or Milaney for more information.

That’s it for now! We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming Coach Networking sessions in each CESA. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or need support or resources.

Your West Region Technical Assistance Coordinators for PBIS,

Kent Smith, Linda Stead, and Milaney Leverson



November 20th, 2012

Hello PBIS Implementers in the West Region!

As a state we broke a milestone having trained over 1014 teams as of August 2012! This means Wisconsin is now one of the top 5 states in the country for implementation, and our fidelity rates are amazing with over 50% of schools reaching fidelity in less than a year. Wisconsin has over 400,000 students in schools that are implementing PBIS with fidelity! Congratulations!!!

You may have noticed some personnel changes in the Wisconsin RTI Center and PBIS Network. In addition to the support provided to the West region by Linda Stead and Kent Smith, we also welcome Milaney Leverson to the Wisconsin PBIS Network as another regional Technical Assistance Coordinator. Milaney has co-trained many area teams with Kent at both the Tier I and Tier II level, and has helped with the development of a culturally responsive PBIS framework. Milaney is a part time TAC and remains a part time school psychologist in the Eau Claire Area School District. Kent has taken on additional duties with the RTI Center/PBIS Network as well, having joined the Center full-time this summer.

The Wisconsin RtI Center added two new positions to support academic and behavior content areas. Dana McConnell is the new full-time Coordinator for Students with Disabilities and is available as a resource to districts and regions as they work with system issues regarding special education. Dana was previously a school psychologist with the Eau Claire Area School District. Andreal Davis is the new Culturally Responsive Teaching Coordinator. Andreal was a reading teacher and Culturally Responsive Teaching coordinator for the Madison Metro School District before joining the RTI Center this summer. Andreal’s responsibilities include coordinating CRT efforts with PBIS as well as working with CREATE, ELL Coordinators in CESAs and larger districts, and Title 7 Coordinators. 

As you have hopefully already heard, we at the RTI Center have changed how we are supporting external coaches. At the end of October we held an External Coaching Forum in Wausau, and will follow up with supports for external coaches at regional networking meetings at CESAs and through Adobe connect.

If your team has not completed their Self Assessment Survey (SAS) yet this fall, please contact your local PBIS Assessments Coordinator (or Kent, Linda, or Milaney) to have them open a survey window for you. The recommendation from the WI PBIS Network is to complete the SAS every fall with as many staff as possible. If you need assistance in interpretation, analysis, or action planning, please let Kent, Linda, or Milaney know.

Finally, if you have not seen it please take a moment to review the coach calendar on the Wisconsin PBIS Network website. (http://www.wisconsinpbisnetwork.org/coaches/coaching-calendar.html

The calendar has monthly activities for internal and external coaches to focus on with their teams.


We hope the school year is going well and look forward to working with you!

Kent Smith, Linda Stead, and Milaney Leverson

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