Family Engagement

Promoting Excellence for All Family and Community Engagement
Department of Education

Start Here

In order to strengthen your family engagement practices within your culturally responsive multi-level systems of support:

  1. Review your RtI and PBIS self-assessments (SIR, TFI, BoQ, SAS, All Staff)
  2. With a team, complete the Partnering with Family Assessment using the Guiding Questions
  3. Identify 2-3 line items to focus on and add to your action plan 
  4. Review the specific resources below to help your school better engage and partner with families. 
  5. Repeat annually
  6. Contact your local Academic or PBIS TAC with any questions

RtI Family Engagement Webinar Series

You can also learn about Family Engagement through our webinar series:

  • Day 1: Part 1 - Family Engagement Research with Dr. Andy Garbacz
  • Day 1: Part 2 - Family Engagement in a Culturally Responsive Multi-level Systems of Support
  • Day 2 - Partnering with Families


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 Create your Family Engagement Plan
Resources to Increase your Family Engagement
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