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Grade Level: High School
Profile: September 2012

Our PBIS Story

The universal expectations at Reagan IB High School are tied to the 10 characteristics of the IB Learner Profile.  This is the backbone of our IB curriculum at Reagan and is integrated into every class. The PBIS team and Art department collaborated in making expectation posters that are hung at specific locations throughout the building.  Students assisted in putting these posters together and modeling behaviors for posters that illustrate the 10 characteristics of the IB Learner Profile, which we have tied together with our behavioral expectations.  We also created “Paw Prints” that are acknowledgment pieces.   Paw Prints that are given to students modeling the “Reagan Regulations” are placed in a raffle box.  Each week 10 student names are selected for various prizes.  We also hold a, “Don’t be Tardy Win a Breakfast Party” competition once a semester where 1st block classes compete for the best attendance for an entire week.  The two classes with the best attendance win free breakfast that they can enjoy in class.

The PBIS team measures the effectiveness of these practices through our monthly analysis of the big 5 data.  Also, issues of praise and concern are raised involving student behavior and classroom practices.  Both this quantitative and qualitative data have proven to be beneficial when analyzing our implementation process. At the end of the year the district conducted a SET, in which we received a 97%, and as a team we completed the BoQ and we received a 74%; both indicating fidelity of implementation of PBIS.  

Our attendance has remained steady at 93%.  Our WKCE scores have increased from 65% advanced / proficient in Math last year to 74% this year, and from 75% advanced / proficient in reading last year to 83% this year.  Reagan is a school with a very positive culture.  We provide a safe environment in which students can flourish and challenge themselves through our rigorous IB curriculum.  This is evident by our growing student and staff population.

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