Benchmarks for Advanced Tiers (BAT)

The BAT (PDF)  allows school teams to self-assess the implementation status primarily of Tiers II and III behavior support systems within their school. The BAT is designed to answer three questions:

  • Are the organizational elements in place for implementing secondary and tertiary behavior support practices?
  • Is a Tier II support system in place?Is a Tier III system in place?
  • The teams involved with Tier II and Tier III supports along with their coach complete the BAT during a team meeting. ¬†

They review each item together and enter the scores into PBIS Assessment. The results of the BAT can be used to develop Action Plans (RTF) for improving the implementation of Tiers II and III and plan for next steps in the implementation process. Scores in each area of the BAT can be tracked from year to year.


Teams who have consistently scored 80% or higher on the MATT when assessing their Tier II and III implementation mya consider moving to the annual BAT survey. The BAT takes more time to complete than the MATT, but is only conducted once a year versus quarterly. Coordinator and school teams involved with Tier II and Tier III supports complete this survey and enter the results into PBIS Assessment.