CICO Tools

Tier 2

SWIS also has a component that schools can purchase to collect and analyze their Check In Check Out Daily Progress Report data. Additional information on CICO SWIS can be found in the CICO-SWIS User Manual here. As above, if you are interested in getting SWIS, click on the Get SWIS link on the SWIS website (

Missouri Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support created a tool that schools can use to collect and analyze Daily Progress Report data. Instructions and their tool can be found here.

Florida's Positive Behavior Support Project also developed a tool that school's can download and use to enter and analyze their Daily Progress Report data. This tool can be found here. They have also developed a Tier 2 Progress Monitoring tool. This can be downloaded here.

Disaggregated Data in SWIS

This short module covers how to use custom graphs in SWIS to disaggregate data to allow you to create precision statements.

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