April Calendar


Internal Coach


Monthly Tasks to Accomplish

  • Deliver planned student booster teaching school-wide.
  • Share data and celebrate successes at faculty meeting.
  • Evaluate school-wide acknowledgement system; revise as necessary.
  • Review Wisconsin PBIS Network application for recognition and determine whether your school should apply for recognition.  (2010-2011 application can be downloaded here)
  • Complete Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ) and submit to PBIS Assessment coordinator to be entered into PBIS Assessment website.

Monthly Team Meeting Planning


Prior to Meeting

  • Gather and analyze prior year's data using precision statements. (Download problem solving guidance here)
  • Reserve meeting room, projector, etc.
  • Contact team members for agenda item requests.
  • Create and distribute meeting agenda.

During Meeting

After Meeting 

  • Complete meeting minutes and problem-solving action plan.
  • Distribute meeting minutes and problem-solving action plan to all team members within 24 hours.
  • Communicate team decisions with staff as appropriate.


External Coach


Monthly Tasks to Accomplish

  • Prompt internal coaches to plan for and complete Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ) during monthly team meeting. (BoQ Webinar can be viewed here)
  • Prompt internal coaches to submit BoQ to PBS Surveys coordinator to enter into PBS Surveys website.
  • Participate in district PBIS leadership team meeting.  Review current implementation of each school, based on BoQ, Team Implementation Checklist, and Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) data.  Plan for necessary professional development and technical assistance.  Review and revise action plan based on results of SAS.  Guidance for action-planning can be viewed here (scroll to page 107)
  • Meet with district RtI coordinator/coaches to insure consistency and look for ways to streamline meetings (Working Smarter).