August Calendar


Internal Coach


Monthly Tasks to Accomplish

  • Create and distribute schedule of Tier 1 PBIS team meetings for school year. (Click here for sample form)
  • Establish schedule for communicating regularly with staff throughout year.
  • Plan for and deliver staff kick-off. (A sample overview presentation can be downloaded here)
  • Review and finalize plans for student kick-off.
  • Plan for parent kick-off.  Parent kick-off can be accomplished in a number of ways; at minimum, a letter should be sent home describing PBIS, the school-wide expectations, and how parents can contact the school for more information.
  • Create binder of all PBIS artifacts, including annual plan, behavior matrix, T-chart, acknowledgement system, cool tools, ODR data, and meeting minutes.  As implementation progresses throughout year, add all new works to binder.

Monthly Team Meeting Planning


Prior to Meeting

  • Gather and analyze prior year's data using precision statements. (Download form here)
  • Reserve meeting room, projector, etc.
  • Contact team members for agenda item requests.
  • Create and distribute meeting agenda. (Click for sample)

During Meeting

  • Establish and agree upon team meeting norms. (Click for sample)
  • Determine roles for all team members (e.g. facilitator, data analyst, minute taker). (Click for Sample)
  • Establish sub-committees as appropriate, to share monthly responsibilities for development and delivery of resources and assistance.
  • Make final preparations for student and staff kick-off.
  • Review data with precision statements and determine action needed. (Download form here)
  • Summarize meeting discussions and decisions, and evaluate meeting.  

After Meeting 

  • Complete meeting minutes and problem-solving action plan.
  • Distribute meeting minutes and problem-solving action plan to all team members within 24 hours.
  • Communicate team decisions with staff as appropriate.


External Coach


Monthly Tasks to Accomplish