June Calendar


Internal Coach


Monthly Tasks to Accomplish

  • Review year-end data and present to staff. Celebrate successes!
  • Conduct end-of-year celebration if not done in May.
  • Continue planning for next year's staff and student kick-offs.
  • Complete annual data collection for end-of-year submission to Wisconsin PBIS Network and submit to external coach. (Aggregate data outcome data collection tool can be downloaded here)
  • Review PBIS binder and be sure all information is in place for reference next year.
  • Meet with administrator to review progress and outcomes for year and discuss needs/changes for next year.

Monthly Team Meeting Planning


Prior to Meeting

  • Reserve meeting room, projector, etc.
  • Contact team members for agenda item requests.
  • Create and distribute meeting agenda.

During Meeting

  • Review team meeting norms. (Click for sample)
  • Document meeting minutes and problem-solving action planning. (Blank Document can be downloaded here)
  • Finalize planning for next year's student and staff kick-offs.
  • Summarize meeting discussions and decisions, and evaluate meeting.
  • Celebrate the great work you did this year!

After Meeting

  • Complete meeting minutes and problem-solving action plan.
  • Distribute meeting minutes and problem-solving action plan to all team members within 24 hours.
  • Communicate team decisions with staff as appropriate.


External Coach


Monthly Tasks to Accomplish