October Calendar


Internal Coach


Monthly Tasks to Accomplish

  • Notify all school staff of Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) window and provide directions for entering SAS responses. Participation may be increased by pairing survey completion with a faculty meeting (in the last last few minutes of faculty meeting, staff go into computer lab and complete SAS) or providing an incentive for participation.  
  • Think about student acknowledgements. Areas of focus should be based on Cool Tool focus/fading for previously taught behaviors.
  • Think about a reward/acknowledgement/motivator to keep the staff using PBIS.
  • Develop system for informing new students and guest teachers/substitutes about PBIS practices.
  • Provide information to parents in newsletters, at conferences, through PTA, etc.
  • Share data with staff at faculty meeting and celebrate successes.

Monthly Team Meeting Planning


Prior to Meeting

  • Gather and analyze current data using precision statements. (Download form here)
  • Reserve meeting room, projector, etc.
  • Contact team members for agenda item requests.
  • Create and distribute meeting agenda.

During Meeting

  • Review team meeting norms. (Click for sample)
  • Document meeting minutes and problem-solving action planning.  (Blank Document can be downloaded here)
  • Review current and previous year data with precision statements and determine action needed. (Download form here)
  • Continue and/or complete action planning using Team Implementation Checklist results.
  • Use data to review previous month's problem-solving action plan(s).
  • Plan Cool Tool development and booster teaching based on current and prior year data.  (Examples can be viewed here)
  • Summarize meeting discussions and decisions and evaluate meeting.

After Meeting 

  • Complete meeting minutes and problem-solving action plan.
  • Distribute meeting minutes and problem-solving action plan to all team members within 24 hours.
  • Communicate team decisions with staff as appropriate.


External Coach


Monthly Tasks to Accomplish

  • Send reminder to internal coach(es) if Team Implementation Checklist was not completed in September.
  • Send reminder to internal coach(es) for Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) completion.
  • Participate in district PBIS meeting. Complete SAS. Action planning for district team should be directed by results of SAS.  Guidance for SAS outcomes can be viewed here