Benefits and Costs


The costs for bringing PBIS to your school district depends on the number of school buildings that would like to get involved.  

Training options include:

  • Training at a CESA or
  • Having a Wisconsin PBIS Network approved trainer come to your school district for training. 

Cost effectiveness of these training options depends on the number of schools being trained at one time. To find out the costs of PBIS for your school please contact the PBIS regional technical assistance coordinator in your region.


Schools actively working with PBIS have seen amazing results! The chart below shows the positive impact PBIS has had on classroom learning time at West Elementary in Alton, Illinois.

Benefit Analysis: Learning Time Lost to Discipline Time (Barrett & Swindell, 2002)

Discipline Administrator Time Student Time Staff Time
Office Disciplinary Referral 10 minutes 20 minutes 5 minutes
Detention 20 minutes 6 hours 5 minutes
Suspension 45 minutes 6 hours 5 minutes

Learning Time Gained by Reducing Discipline Time

West Elementary, Alton, IL
Office Referrals (-719) | Detentions (-47) | Suspensions (-27)
  Office Disciplinary Referral Detentions Suspensions Total Time Gained Back
Administration 119.8 Hours 15.7 Hours  20.3 Hours  155.8 Hours (25.9 Days)
Students 239.7 Hours 282 Hours  162 Hours  683.7 Hours (144 Days)
Staff 59.99 Hours  3.9 Hours  2.3 Hours  66.1 Hours (11 Days)

Reproduced with permission from the November 17, 2009 Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction presentation “Safe Schools: Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports: An Introduction to PBIS.”