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Tiered Fidelity Inventory Webinar Series

This video series focuses on the PBIS assessment introduced in 2016: the Tiered Fidelity Inventory, or TFI.

The series provides an introduction to the instrument, demonstrations from schools that have used it, and suggestions for implementing it within a school.

Tiered Fidelity Inventory Webinar Series

Tier One Playlist

A successful Culturally Responsive Multi-level System of Support is built on the foundation of a strong universal level of support. These videos will give you insight and ideas for how to build yours.Tier One Playlist

Tier Two Playlist

Once the universal level of supports is in place, schools can begin layering on supports. This section of videos details ways that schools can build on to their strong foundation.Tier Two Playlist

Culturally Responsive Practices

Wisconsin trails the nation when it comes to equity between white students and students of color. In response, DPI has launched their Promoting Excellence for All campaign. In line with DPI’s directive, the Wisconsin RtI Center has developed ways for educators to begin the necessary work to understand and reach students of color – so ALL students become college or career ready. Here are several videos of our technical assistance sessions regarding culturally responsive practices so you can be a part of the solution.Culturally Responsive Practices

Assessments and System Maintenance

Learn how other schools are setting up and maintaining their systems, and watch technical assistance videos that can help you do the same.Assessments and System Maintenance

Multiple Levels in Action

As intended, a multi-level system of support integrates all the tiers of support. These videos show examples of schools that are doing just that.Multiple Levels in Action

RtI Center Film Festival Winners

Congratulations to our past film festival winners! First and second place winning videos are archived here.RtI Center Film Festival Winners