Preconference Sessions

We will again be offering preconference sessions on August 14, 2017. The following sessions will be offered:

PBIS Tier 1 Booster: Connecting Classrooms to Your School-wide System (For Teams)

9:00am - 3:00pm

Cost: $65

Registration is full but you can be put on the waiting list.

Presenters: Lori Cameron, Jennifer Grenke and Michelle Polzin, regional technical assistance coordinators, Wisconsin RtI Center 

Does your school need a boost in PBIS Tier 1 implementation? Was your school trained more than 4 years ago? Do your classroom systems connect seamlessly to your school-wide? Do you have new team members and want to get on the same page? Do you want to refine your PBIS tier 1 system? If so, this Tier 1 Booster is right for your team!

This session is designed for Tier 1 Leadership Teams and will focus on PBIS Tier 1 foundations with a focus on strengthening classroom management systems that align with the school-wide system. Teams should have access to all tier 1 system documents, such as behavior matrix, lesson plans, acknowledgement matrix, fidelity data. Handouts will be available in electronic format only. Prerequisite: attendance at Wisconsin PBIS Network Tier 1 training series.

Session Outcomes:

  • Participants will gain knowledge of Tier 1 foundations.
  • Participants will learn how to create classroom systems that align with school-wide systems.
  • Participants will analyze and update current PBIS Tier 1 systems and practices.
  • Participants will refine processes for looking at and using behavioral data.
  • Participants will begin to create an action plan for the 2017-18 school year.
Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ) areas that will be emphasized during this session: 
  • Lesson Plans for Teaching Expectations/ Rules 
  • Effective Procedures for Dealing with Discipline 
  • Reward/ Recognition Program Established 
  • Implementation Plan 
  • Classroom Systems 
  • Evaluation


Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) areas that will be emphasized during this session:

  • Team Composition and Operating Procedures
  • Teaching and Responding to Behavioral Error
  • Discipline Data, Fidelity Data and Data-based Decision Making
  • Professional Development
  • Classroom Procedures

Tier 1 Booster for Schools at Fidelity (For Teams)

9:00am - 3:00pm

Cost $65


Presenters: Deidra Gorman and Kent Smith,  regional technical assistance coordinators, Wisconsin RtI Center

This session, intended for teams from schools that have reached fidelity at tier 1, will help teams to re-ground, re-energize and strengthen their practices while embedding equitable practices into their existing PBIS structures.

In this session participants, will review the core components of a strong universal system, examine the role that identity plays in developing or maintaining a strong universal system, learn how to make those components more equitable, culturally responsive, and develop action plans for refining their existing systems. This session will provide instruction and activities to reinforce concepts. Teams will also have work time to collaborate, reflect and refine action plans for when they return to their buildings. Participants should bring their universal data, artifacts (matrix, behavior lesson plans, flow charts, etc.), and most recent tier 1 fidelity measure sub-scales (TFI, or BoQ). Prerequisite: attendance at Wisconsin PBIS Network Tier 1 training series.

PBIS Tier 2 Booster (For Teams)

9:00am - 3:00pm

Cost: $65


Presenter: Yuliana Manriquez, Emilie O'Connor, Liz Ptaschinski and Stephanie Skolasinski, regional technical assistance coordinators, Wisconsin RtI Center 

This PBIS Tier 2 Booster is designed for school groups of two or more people including coaches, team members, and administrators who are looking to re-establish or strengthen their implementation. Teams will create a plan to:

  • Develop or refine Tier 2 interventions (Check-In Check-Out, Social Academic Instruction Groups, and Mentoring) that include all six intervention features
  • Provide ongoing training and support to students, staff, and families and obtain their feedback
  • Align Tier 2 with Tier 1 data, systems, and practices
  • Refine roles and responsibilities of the Tier 2 team

Prerequisite: attendance at Wisconsin PBIS Network Tier 2 training series.

Tier 3 Facilitator Forum: Strengthening Facilitation Strategies and Techniques (For Individuals)

9:00am - 3:00pm

Cost $65


Presenters: Dave Kunelius, Milaney Leverson and Rachel Saladis, regional technical assistance coordinators, Wisconsin RtI Center

This day-long session is will allow facilitators of Tier 3 supports the opportunity to examine their practice, learn from colleagues, and create a plan to strengthen Tier 3 work. Attendees should be prepared to ask questions and share their experiences.
Prerequisite: attendance at WI PBIS Network facilitator training - Wraparound, RENEW, or Complex FBA

Wisconsin RTI Framework Booster (For Teams)

9:00am - 3:00pm

Cost $65


Presenters: Jill Koenitzer and Sara Summ, regional technical assistance coordinators, Wisconsin RtI Center

The Wisconsin RtI Framework Booster session is designed for school-level leadership teams who have previously participated in a Wisconsin RtI Framework training and are looking to re-establish or strengthen their culturally responsive, multi-level system of support. Since 2010, when the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released Response to Intervention: a Guiding Document, many schools have implemented both RtI and PBIS. This session shares the latest practices, strategies, and resources to implement a culturally responsive multi-level system of support.

Teams will:

  • Learn about the updated culturally responsive, multi-level system of support Guiding Document. 
  • Deepen their shared understanding of an integrated, culturally responsive multi-level system of support. 
  • Refresh your team understanding of the levels of implementation.
  • Dig deeper into the School-wide Implementation Review (SIR) and SIR reports.
  • Learn about resources and activities to re-establish or invigorate staff collective responsibility and commitment to a culturally responsive, multi-level system of support.

Prerequisite: attendance at Wisconsin RtI Center Framework training. 

Preconference Sessions from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

9:00am - 3:00pm

DPI is also presenting two preconference sessions: Wisconsin School Mental Health Project (Cohort 1 and Cohort 2). Registration for these programs is completed through the DPI. If you are a team member of a school from the Wisconsin School Mental Health Project, you can register by contacting Mark Freudenberg at Please provide him with your name, position, school, district, e-mail address, summer e-mail address (if different) and dietary restrictions.

NOTE: All preconference sessions occur simultaneously. Attendees should register for only one preconference session.