Classroom management knowledge survey

Taking pre- and post-tests has been shown to increase the knowledge participants retain from professional development trainings. For this reason, participants training in classroom management using this online module are strongly encouraged to complete the knowledge survey. The survey is intended to evaluate user’s knowledge of classroom management before and after participating in one or more of the classroom management modules.

Each individual completing the training will have an option to see a copy of his/her individual responses by clicking a button at the end of the survey, which can be printed for pre-post training comparisons to explore knowledge growth and further areas of need.

For school-wide trainings, we also recommend that districts have their teams/staff complete the survey twice, before and after embarking on the training. The pre-survey results help to evaluate strengths and gaps in knowledge and to better align the training with your teams' needs. The post survey results help to determine impact of training and areas in need of further support. Once all your staff has completed the survey, contact with at least one week’s notice to obtain an aggregated report of survey results before training (pre-survey) and after training (post-survey).

The knowledge survey will also be used by the Wisconsin PBIS Network to continually improve this resource.

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