Exemplar Schools

Name: West Allis-West Milw Lrng Ctr
District: West Allis-West Milwaukee

Grade Level: High
Tier: 3
PBIS Region: Southeast
SWIS User: No

Our PBIS Success Story

West Allis West Milwaukee Learning Center is an alternative high school. Most of our students enroll deficient in credits, and some have behavioral needs and/or attendance issues. We have several programs that are a part of the learning center, and we have approximately 150 students. We have used and implemented PBIS with fidelity because of the support our students need to be successful. Most of the PBIS-related procedures that we use would fall under tier 2 because of the high need of our population, but we consider them tier 1 because they are applied to all students. 

By using our Big Five data, we revealed that we were having difficulty with our morning procedure. Previously, students were to report by 8 a.m., go to the third floor, get breakfast, and then return to their CREW (homeroom) to eat. In addition to this, staff members were assigned outdoor duties to make sure our students were behaving in our neighborhood. Our first class would begin at 8:20 a.m. Many students mistakenly believed they did not have to be here until the 8:20 start and would then still be even later. Some students would get breakfast and stay on the third floor instead of going to their CREW. This left many students unsupervised, which led to an increase in behavioral referrals. 

At the beginning of the semester, we implemented a new procedure for our entire population. Due to the change in weather and the need to tighten supervision in the hallways and student areas, staff members were re-assigned duties and spots. All students were required to stay on the third floor until they were released to first hour at 8:15. Beginning at 7:45 a.m., staff members were positioned throughout the building to make sure that students were going to and staying on the third floor. Staff members were also located on the third floor to supervise the students in the cafeteria and lobby. This increase in supervision led to consistency regarding students being where they need to be, when they need to be there. We’ve continued to adjust where staff are located based upon where students are at a given time. At 8 a.m., some staff members are shifted to the third floor in order to better supervise that area due to the increased number of students. There has been a decrease in behavioral referrals during the morning time.

We had a pre-celebration the first day of the semester when the PBIS committee flipped pancakes and made a homemade breakfast for the students. They really seemed to enjoy something other than a school breakfast and also enjoyed interacting with the staff members. Our hope is to do more of these breakfasts to continue to celebrate the success of our students. 

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