Tier Two Playlist test

Once the universal level of supports is in place, schools can begin layering on supports. This section of videos details ways that schools can build on to their strong foundation.

Tier 2 Technical Assistance for Implementing Schools: Session 1

This is a recording of a webinar done to provide schools implementing tier 2 PBIS supports and systems on-line technical assistance. The focus of this webinar was on Tier 2 systems as well as use of data.

Presented by Kent Smith and Emilie O'Connor

Tier 2 Community of Learners: SAIG

This webinar features a panel discussion on Social/Academic Instructional Groups. Members shared: how long they have been doing SAIG, types of SAIG groups, how they staffed the groups, how they scheduled them, how they tracked progress, and general outcomes.

Tier 2 Technical Assistance: Self Regulation

This webinar, presented by Stephanie Skolasinski and Lori Cameron of the Wisconsin PBIS Network, explores the concept of self regulation. During the course of the program, you will learn the definition of self regulation, how it fits into a school's PBIS system, and several schools will share their experiences.

Tier 2 Technical Assistance: Session 3

This session will discuss interventions to address skill deficits (SAIG) and performance deficits (Individualized CICO).

The content moves beyond technical information covered in tier 2 training to discuss more of the adaptive concepts behind these interventions.

Presented by Kent Smith and Lori Cameron

Tier 2 Technical Assistance: Session 2

This session will discuss the intent of CICO, as well as other adaptive concepts. System and data aspects of the tier 2 systems will also be discussed. Presented by Kent Smith and Emilie O'Connor

2015 Tier 2 Community of Learners

Guided by: Peg Mazeika and Stephanie Skolasinski This session provided attendees with a chance to discuss with one another their experiences while implementing tier 2 supports in their schools. Attendees shared stories about how tier 2 implementation is going in their schools, shared success stories and “ah-ha” moments, and worked through questions and concerns they may have had.

Tier 2 Community of Practice Implementation and Sustainability

Facilitated by: Lori Cameron and Kent Smith (1 hour, 10 minutes) Lori and Kent discussed with attendees what the specific challenges are that they face with their tier 2 changes and implementation. Topics included supporting students in an effective manner, rapidly identifying students need individual supports while looking at the whole system, the differences between tier 1 and tier 2, redesigning environments, and building behavioral fluency by adding layers of support.

PBIS 2016: Discipline vs. Punishment

This video explains the difference between discipline and punishment, while one helps build skills the other does not. Additional resources are shared for teachers to begin using immediately. Presenters: Michelle Polzin and Jennifer Grenke

Tier 2 Technical Assistance: High School Focus

Emilie O'Connor and Stephanie Skolasinski, PBIS Technical Assistance Coordinators, facilitate discussion around implementation of tier 2 PBIS at the high school level.

Tier 2 High School

Emilie O'Connor, PBIS Technical Assistance Coordinator, facilitates conversation with coaches from high schools implementing tier 2 PBIS. Participants discuss staff buy-in and capacity around CICO and logistics around who facilitates the brief FBA/BIP process. The video resource sited on the webinar is found at this link: