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Milton East Elementary School

Milton School District

Grade Level: Elementary School (K-3)
Enrollment: 350
Profile Date: February 2010

Our PBIS Story

Milton Police Chief Jerry Schuetz recently visited his daughter’s kindergarten classroom to read a book to the students. He asked the students what they knew about being good citizens and in return answered their questions about being a police officer.

Chief Schuetz was very impressed by the knowledge these young citizens had.  He was even more impressed by the core values the children were learning at such a young age. He found the entire class knew the school’s core values by heart: be responsible, respectful, safe, and kind. They also knew the behaviors and the actions that reflect those values in all areas of the school.

The values of responsibility, respect, safety, and kindness reflected what the chief’s two school-age children, who attend Milton East Elementary, refer to as “The East Way.”  As he spoke with the children at school he was reminded about how these simple words relate a lot to what they are called to do in police work and in keeping our community safe.

The ordinances and laws adopted in the City of Milton, along with their enforcement, reflect desired behaviors from citizens of the community and focus on keeping citizens safe by encouraging behaviors that are consistent with those core values.  PBIS is helping to instill those same values in today’s students.

As Chief Jerry Schuetz reflected on that day he said, “These core values, if exhibited by all Milton residents at all times, would certainly make police work a lot less eventful.”

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