Success Story

Milwaukee French Immersion

Milwaukee Public School

Grade Level: Elementary/Middle/High
Profile Date: September 2012

Our PBIS Story

The PBIS team at Milwaukee French Immersion School works well because our staff is extremely dedicated and because we have made improving the climate a priority.  Our team has representation from four grade levels, our school psychologist, administrator, a paraprofessional assistant, parent, and special education teacher.  The dedication, the focus on continuous improvement, and having so many staff participate on our committees is what has made the team in our building successful.

MFIS has active parents who are involved in a variety of ways.  Parent volunteers are part of the PBIS parent/community committee.  They run our high frequency raffles and assist teachers with in-class celebrations.  PBIS activities are regularly reported at PTA meetings and are partially funded by the PTA.  PTA helps recruit volunteers to assist at various PBIS functions.  Parents are also kept informed via PBIS newsletters that are sent home four times a year.  Our parent/community committee reaches out to local businesses to explain our school’s mission with PBIS while soliciting donations for staff and students incentives.  Finally, PBIS is included in information that we use to reach out to the community to spread awareness about our school and to increase enrollment.  

At the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year we decided to focus on bus behaviors as an area of need. We came to this conclusion through looking at data within the PBIS Big 5 reports. To address the bus behavior we partnered directly with the bus company in charge of transporting our students to and from school. The bus company came to our school during the day with the bus drivers and the buses that pick up the students each day. All students went out to the buses and learned about the bus expectations and then went on the buses and practiced the bus expectations as a school.  This provided the students an opportunity to practice their bus behaviors under the guidance of their classroom teacher and the bus driver they are familiar with.