Success Story

O'Keefe Middle

Madison Metropolitan School District

Grade Level: Middle
Profile: October 2011

Our PBIS Story

When disaggregating our data we noticed that our most significant number of referrals were in the category of insubordination, but the most significant behavior for suspensions were non-physical bullying, verbal, written and non-verbal threats, taunting, physical aggression, and/or serious threats, i.e. bullying. In breaking down the data the team discovered that there were 28 such incidents from September 1, 2010 through February 28, 2011.

Realizing that the issue of bullying was significantly impacting our students, the team developed a plan to address the behaviors. The team designed a March Manners competition between homeroom teams that encouraged students to recognize their classmates using manners. Each student was able to fill out a form identifying the manners that were used; the forms were assigned a score. The scores were then tallied and recorded. At the end of each week, the scores were announced, and at the end of March, the winner was identified.

During March our schools cool tools revolved around topics that are pertinent to bullying such as gossip, assertiveness skills, and manners. The team also accessed outside resources to help address the issue of bullying. Our seventh and eighth grade students participated in a Courage Retreat facilitated by Youth Frontiers, which addressed bullying, acts of courage, and self-identity issues. Our sixth grade students went to a performance of Bullying, the Musical by the community theatrical group. The subsequent cool tools supported topics that were covered by each activity. We also encouraged teachers to display anti-bullying signs and encouraged students and staff to wear their courage/anti-bullying buttons.

When we reviewed the data to prepare for this report, we had nine incidents that fell into the categories that were identified as bullying behaviors. That is a reduction of 68 percent.