Success Story

Roosevelt School

Wauwatosa School District

Grade Level: Elementary

Profile Date: May 2010

Our PBIS Story

Roosevelt Elementary School in the Wauwatosa School District began implementing PBIS strategies in September 2009. After reviewing our data on referrals and problem behavior from the previous school year, we decided to target school rules and hall and bathroom behavior as our first system to review. Problems in years past include disrespect, loud, and obnoxious behavior in the halls and leaving paper towels on the bathroom floors.  

We formed a committee to come up with some simple school rules for everyone to follow. We made big posters and hung them around school. The next step was to have a kick-off assembly in September. The assembly focused on the school rules and character education. We thought character education would tie into our theme of respect. Students in fourth grade role-played various incidents and the whole school participated in solving the problems.  

Then we decided on character education pillars for each month. Each month would be a different pillar and our school counselor will go into each classroom and teach classroom developmental guidance lessons on the pillar. This way we are taking a pro-active approach working on problem behaviors before they arise. 

The final step was to come up with a compliments campaign. Each classroom has a stack of compliment pages and an envelope. Students recognize other students for utilizing the pillar of the month. For example, “I caught you being FAIR.” Each week envelopes are picked up and the compliments are read over the lunch hours.  

Our school has seen great success as evidenced by the significant decrease in discipline referrals and problems in our hallways and bathrooms. PBIS has led Roosevelt Elementary to review their data in order to improve their systems.