Success Story

Wedgewood Park International School

Milwaukee Public Schools

Grade Level: Middle
Profile: September 2012

Our PBIS Story

At Wedgewood Park, our PBIS team consists of the assistant principal, a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teacher, a bilingual teacher, a special education teacher, a Para professional, the school social worker, and the school psychologist. 

Each team member has been given the responsibility of heading up the monthly themes that are used and disseminated to each home base teacher.  This is a monthly poster that is hung outside each classroom that tracks how the class is working on the PBIS focus areas as a home base.  The poster also tracks the individual home base’s attendance goals. The theme changes each month to fit into that month, for example October was Halloween and pumpkins and January was The Super Bowl and footballs.  When a classroom is spotted meeting the expectations they would earn a pumpkin on their Halloween board in October.  Classrooms with the most acknowledgements on their themed door earn the opportunity to go to the Wolf Den on a Friday afternoon. The Wolf Den is a special PBIS room that is used to celebrate students with games, music, and socializing for the students. 

The students at Wedgewood are also given the opportunity to earn individual rewards.  This is done by earning Wolf Paws; these are tickets that the student can earn when they demonstrate the PBIS virtues.  Students also earned “Student of the Week” and had their name announced and their picture taken and information posted outside the main office and in the monthly family newsletter.

Before school started a kick off video was made using current Wedgwood students.   This was a crucial piece.  The video was used in the grade level kick off meetings.   The students were very excited to start PBIS after the auditorium programs.  The staff at Wedgewood also contributed to the success of the roll out through the teaching of the cool tools consistently each week, re teaching the cool tools if needed,   giving the wolf paws out, handing out class rewards and planning class rewards.

When a need for additional support was needed the team identified this and acted.  One example of this was the need for more hallway focus. As a result we made a new video and the assistant principal had a new year PBIS program to jump start the start of the new-year in January.  A need was also identified to recognize staff.  A form was made and distributed to students to recognize staff that has made a positive difference to them.  A staff member was then picked each month.  Their picture and photo were displayed outside the main office.  The bigger impact of this added layer was that at the end of each month the staff members received in their mailboxes the nominations from the students.  Many staff members were touched to see the impact on students that they have made years before.