Monitoring Advanced Tiers Tool (MATT)

Who: The MATT is intended to be used by school teams wanting to use a progress monitoring tool to assess Tier II and Tier III. The MATT is completed 3-4 times per year and takes less time than the BAT to complete. Once a team consistently scores 80% or above on the MATT, the BAT can be used as an annual assessment instead of the MATT. Teams or coordinators enter the team scoring guide results in PBIS Assessment.

When: Quarterly - 3-4 times per year

The MATT is a self-assessment tool teams complete with their coach showing their implementation levels for Targeted (Tier II) and Intensive (Tier III) behavior support systems. The MATT has four parts and takes about 15-20 minutes to complete:
The team completes the MATT in collaboration with its coach during a team meeting. The team uses the Team Scoring Guide to answer each item. The coach uses the MATT Coaches Interview Guide to assist the team in completing the MATT.