Success Story

Crivitz Elementary/Middle

Crivitz School District

Grade Level: Elementary/Middle
Profile Date: January 2012

Our PBIS Story

For the 2010-2011 school year, the Crivitz Elementary/ Middle School focused on playground, bathroom, and hallway behaviors. Upon analyzing the SWIS data from February 2011 the team saw the need to target tardiness as a part of a hallway behavior modification plan for the middle school students; tardiness was the behavior with the highest frequency, comprising 33.51 percent of overall office referrals. The behavior happened throughout the day without a specific peak at any given time, and tardiness was also determined to be a problem for many students and from a variety of locations in the building. The PBIS team used this information to develop a plan to reduce this behavior and encourage students to report to class on time.

The school has used paper Wolverine Paws as the primary reward system. Students caught doing positive behaviors are given the paws which go into a weekly school-wide drawing. If a student’s paw is drawn that week they can pick from a reward menu. In addition to this standard reward system the team elected to use green colored Wolverine Paws specifically for hallway behavior and reporting to class on time. Data regarding the average number of paws per week was used to establish the target number of paws needed for additional incentives. One hundred green paws total per grade would earn each student in that grade a cookie. Two hundred green paws would earn the students in that grade a bowling party. All students would be eligible for the cookie, and only students without a major referral or a tardy during the counting period would be eligible to attendthe bowling party.

The paws were counted weekly, and the totals were posted letting everyone know how many had been accumulated. After initiating the incentives and rewards, the tardiness dropped dramatically to 17.02 percent of the total office referrals in March 2011. The overall frequency of tardy referrals dropped from 62 in February to 32 in March of 2011.