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Heritage Elementary

DePere School District

Grade Level: Elementary
Profile: February 2013

Our PBIS Story

Tell a little about how/why/when your school began implementing PBIS

Heritage Elementary is in the third year of PBIS implementation to supply the behavioral supports our students need, to improve our behavioral data, and meet the needs of the behavioral side of RtI.  We began by setting up our structure, which is broken up into tiers and teams.  Our first year began late in the school year, so we really worked on developing resources like videos, posters, songs, etc. to be ready to kick-off the following fall.  The second year, we fully implemented the universal Tier 1 system, checking fidelity of our systems along the way with high marks in the Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ).  This year, we are implementing our Tier 2 system, reaching the 5 – 15% of students not positively responding to our Tier 1 system.  

Using your data, tell a story that describes something that changed for the better in your school as a result of PBIS

  • Data Source
    • SWIS:  SWIS tab “Referrals by Student” and CICO tab “Individual Student Count Report”
  • Problem Identified
    • We had 14 students not showing appropriate behavioral progress from Tier 1 supports.
  • Why did you think the problem was happening?
    • Many of these students weren’t motivated by the large group nature of the Tier 1 supports.   They thrive off of individual positive attention.  A few of these students were in need of clearer expectations for behavior in each setting.
  • What practices did your staff put into place to address the problem? (Teaching, increased supervision, pre-correction, environmental change, use of acknowledgements/feedback)
    • We implemented a two-fold approach with these 14 students.  For all of them, we started them in a Check-In/Check-Out program.  This program gives them each individualized connection and positive support on a daily basis.   Each student has a Daily Point Record that is filled out and brought to our CICO staff at the end of the day.  We monitor their daily behavior and track their progress over time.   If a student passes their daily percentage goal, they receive a red ticket.  When they earn 5 tickets, they can pick a prize, which range from Packer cards to lunch with the principal!
    • For the students that still were in need of more behavioral support, we added on another layer of intervention.  We’ve recently organized our Mentor Program for these three students to get them even more connected here at Heritage.  We look forward to analyzing the data after the implementation of our Mentor Program.  
  • How did it work?  What were your results?
    • We have been running the CICO program for just over 3 months so far.  We have seen very positive results, as eleven out of fourteen students (79%) have been meeting their goal at least 70% of the time.  Our Data Rules allow students to graduate levels if they reach their goal in at least 18 out of 20 attempts consecutively.  The starting percentage for students is 85%, then they graduate to 90% and the next level is graduating out of the CICO program and becoming a CICO Mentor.  Six of our students have graduated to the 90% level and two have graduated out of the program to become Mentors. 
  • How did you celebrate?
    • We celebrated this success by having a graduation party with the CICO members, both students and staff.  Graduating students were given Certificates of Achievement and Seroogy’s chocolate bars that read “Congrats.”  We also took pictures of the graduates to put in our “Wall of Fame,” which also lists words of wisdom from our grads.  

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