North Region PBIS Updates

Update # 4 April 2012 Northern Region Update

Wow, can you believe spring is here and summer is just around the corner! 

Schools have been extremely dedicated and committed with RtI/PBIS Training and Implementation.  In the northern area from July 2011 to February 2012, there were 14 more schools trained in PBIS, 12 more schools implementing PBIS and 10 more schools that have reached fidelity.  Congratulations to all of you!

Did you know?

Data shows that schools meeting fidelity have the greatest impact on student outcomes. By self-assessing, these schools make sure that the majority of their systems are in place.

The School of Merit and School of Distinction application process began on March 1.  Check the Home Page on  for the application link.

The 2012 WI PBIS Summer Leadership Conference will be in the WI Dells on August 14-15 with George Sugai keynoting and with many of our WI schools as well as leaders from around the country presenting!  Please check the website for registration information and register early; it will fill up fast!

The Wisconsin PBIS Network has added three discussion boards to the website, each for a different audience:

  • The public discussion board is open to all educators, administrators, coaches, parents, and community members.
  • The coaches’ discussion board is open to internal and external PBIS coaches.
  • The trainers’ discussion board is open by invitation only for Wisconsin PBIS Network trainers.

We hope that schools will use these boards to share questions and ideas on their PBIS implementation. Click here.

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TIPS Training: The Wisconsin PBIS Network is sponsoring Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) training. TIPS training is a three-day sequence; coaches attend the first day, and teams attend the second and third days. The first two days of this sequence will be held May 7 and 8 at the Kalahari Resort and Conference Center in Wisconsin Dells. The third day will be held in fall 2012. At TIPS training, teams learn practical procedures that they can use during team meetings to identify, address, and resolve students’ behavioral and academic problems. A key feature of TIPS is its emphasis on team members’ ongoing use of data to inform decision making at each step of the problem solving process. For more information, including registration information, please visit the registration site on My Quick Reg.

PBIS Success Story:

Crandon High School

We applaud all of you for your continued efforts in PBIS Implementation in support of your students and hope that everyone has an incredible Spring and Summer and that we see you all soon!!!


Update # 3 January 2012 Northern Region Update

Happy New Year! Second semester is right around the corner and with that are you planning a booster?

Important training dates:

External Coaches Forum, Green Bay Area, April 20, 2012

CESA 8: 

January 4, 2012 Coaches Networking 9 – 11:30 a.m. at the CESA 8 Office
March 5 and 6, 2012, Tier I Universal Training, All Day, CESA 8 Office

CESA 8 is also scheduling a New Team Member Training and a Tier II Training; watch this website calendar for the dates set.

CESA 12:

January 5, 2012, High School Technical Assistance
February 16, 2012, Coaches Networking, CESA 12 Office


SET School-wide Evaluation Tool

A great tool to assess and evaluate the critical features of school-wide effective behavior support is the Schoolwide Evaluation Tool or the SET.  This assessment tool is conducted annually (in the spring) by a trained external evaluator who gathers information from reported data, observations, and staff/ student interviews. The PBIS team can review the data from the SET and determine if there are any changes that need to be made in the structure of your PBIS implementation.  As Technical Assistance Coordinators, we are offering to visit schools that have an S3 Grant or have achieved fidelity on a BoQ, and complete a SET for your school.  Call Dave or Jennifer if you would like to schedule a SET.


Looking for some Classroom Management Materials?

Check out the information for Classroom Management Materials, posted on this site in November:


Online resources:

The PBIS network does not endorse the above websites; we just want to share their availability with you.


Congratulations to the following districts for reaching fidelity keep up the great work:

CESA 8 area:

Crandon Middle School
Wabeno Elementary School
Suring High School

CESA 9 Area:

Wausau, Rib Mountain Elementary School
Wausau, Hawthorne Hills Elementary School
Wausau, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
EAA Academy

CESA 12 Area:

Ashland Middle School
Northwood Schools
Superior Middle School


North Region Update #2 - September 2011

Welcome back everyone! We hope that everyone had a great summer and has a great kick-off to the 2011-12 school year!!! I say “we” because I would like to welcome Jennifer Grenke as my Co-Coordinator for the Northern Region! We have been busy planning, training, and supporting teams for the upcoming school year. The WI RtI Center has added 5 full-time academic Regional Coordinators. Sarah Nelson is the new Academic Coordinator for the Northern Region.

Thanks to all that attended the 2011 WI PBIS Conference; over 650 attended and heard from National, State, and Local Speakers and Exemplars. If you missed it, all materials can be found on our WI PBIS website! And Mark Your Calendars, the 2012 conference will be August 14 and 15th, the Keynoter will be George Sugai and space is limited so signup early!!! The upcoming National Forum is October 27 and 28th in Chicago; information can be found on the Illinois PBIS website.

PBS Surveys is now PBIS Assessment!! You will love this newly designed site for entering your survey data and developing action plans,!! All of your data from PBS Surveys has been transferred over to the new site. 

Coaches Corner:

---Check out the new Coaching Calendar link on the Coaches section of our website

 ---Coach Networking Meetings:

CESA #8, Wed, Oct. 5, 9:00-12:00
CESA #9-South, TBA; North, TBA
CESA #12, Thurs, Sept. 15, 12:00-3:30

---Upcoming Trainings in the North:

CESA #12, New Team Member Training, Mon, Sept. 19
CESA #8, UTA300, Fri, Sept. 30, 8:30 (Universal Team, Day #3)
CESA #8 Coaches C100, Wednesday, October 19 8:30 a.m.
CESA  #8 U100 and U200, Monday, Dec 5 and Tues. Dec 6, 2011 (Universal Team Day 1 and 2) 

North Region Update #1

May, 2011

It has been my pleasure supporting and working with Districts, Schools, and PBIS Teams in the Northern Region this year!  You are all to be congratulated on your many efforts and achievements.  Please feel free to contact me if I may be of support.

Teams are currently: conducting celebrations with their teams, students, and schools; analyzing monthly and annual discipline data, creating action plans; planning for staff and student kick-off events for the beginning of school next year; and taking and analyzing the PBS Survey, “Benchmarks of Quality” (BoQ.)  PBS Surveys provide vital information for teams to use in identifying strengths, areas for development, and info for action-planning.  More info on PBS Surveys is below and more info on the BoQ can be found on our website under PBIS in Action, Fidelity Tools.

Self-Assessment Survey

  • Conducted initially and then annually - preferably in the Fall of each year
  • Completed by all staff that have contact with students
  • Schools scoring 80% or higher on the Implementation Average are implementing PBIS at the Universal/Tier 1 level with fidelity

Team Implementation Checklist

  • Completed in the Fall and Winter each year until the Spring Benchmarks of Quality score is at or above 70%. Teams may choose to take the TIC more often to assist them with Action Planning their PBIS implementation
  • Schools scoring 80% or higher are implementing PBIS at the Universal/Tier 1 level with fidelity

Benchmarks of Quality

  • Completed annually in the Spring
  • Schools scoring 70% or higher are implementing PBIS at the Universal/Tier 1 level with fidelity

Congratulations to the following schools who have reached fidelity on at least one of the PBS Surveys!!!!

District School
Clintonville Clintonville Mid
Crivitz Crivitz El
Crivitz  Crivitz Mid
Marinette Marinette Mid
Shawano Brener El
Wittenberg-Birnamwood Wittenberg-Birnamwood Hi
Minocqua J1 Minocqua El
Woodruff J1 Arbor Vitae El
Mellen Mellen El
Mellen Mellen Hi
Northwood Northwood Sch
Solon Springs Solon Springs Sch
Superior Cooper El

North Region Contact

Jennifer Grenke

PBIS Regional Technical Assistance Coordinator

(920) 604-4140


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Dave Kunelius

PBIS Regional Technical Assistance Coordinator

(715) 612-3027


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