Southeast Region PBIS Updates

Winter 2019 High School Networking

This year, the Southeast networking sessions focus on the elements of solid team meetings and practices.

We reviewed the 6 Practical Ways to Maximize System Assessments. Also, as our topic addressed TFI items, 1.1, 1.2, 1.11, and 2.2, we briefly looked at the evidence needed for these items to score a 2.

To further our work in improving team meetings and practices we explored shared leadership and team roles. This included a look at student and family voice.

Cudahy presented on their successful reboot of Tier 2. This included:

  • Revised Tier 1 and 2 teaming structure
  • Innovative use of SAIG lessions to improve truancy and work completion
  • Use of staff memebers in delivering SAIG lessions
  • SAIG lesson materials
  • Mentoring meeting form

Here are the materials from the High School session.

PowerPoint, including slides from Cudahy which includes links to their materials
TFI Segment
Family Engagement Jigsaw Reading

Fall 2018

This year, the Southeast networking sessions will focus on the elements of solid team meetings and practices.

During the fall high school sessions and morning regional session, we shared the 6 Practial Ways to Maximize System Assessments.

We shared resources for improving meetings through the use of meeting formats, agendas and minutes. Here are the handouts from that session, including PowerPoints.

Handout AM
St Francis PowerPoint
Oconomowoc Video - How to write an office referral

In the afternoon, we shared with external coaches and district coordinators strategies from Elena Aguilar on how to coach schools depending on their team's stage of development. Here are the handouts and readings from that session.

Jigsaw Overview
Stage 1: Forming
Stage 2: Strorming
Stage 3: Norming
Stage 4: Performing
Stage 5: Adjourningor Transforming
Checklist: Exhibit 10.5
Tools for Coaching Teams - Elena Aguilar website that has examples of protocols that teams can use to make meetings more effective

Example of Yearly Assessment Calendar

April 2018

This session focused on the last 2 of the Tier 2 Features needed in every behavioral intervention:  Fidelity measures and progress monitoring.  With regard to Fidelity, we looked at the PD necessary for staff to correctly implement PBIS practices.  The Action plan template below was used to guide teams through 4 elements of implementation:: team knolwedge, staff training, supporting staff post training, and getting feedback from stake holders.

PowerPoint for North and South Sessions

Action Plan

PowerPoint for HS session

High School Action Plan

West Allis-West Milwaukee Presentation

Dottke Presentation

January/February 2018 Networking sessions

This session looked at two more features of Tier 2 behavior interventions, and the Tier 1 practices required to support those features.  These features are Increased Adult Feedback and Increased Home-School Connection.  We also shared a new resource for schools that assessing using the Tiered Fidelity Instrument (TFI);  Classroom Management Rubric for TFI Item 1.8.  Attached the materials for this session.

Power Point for January Session

Increased Home School Connection HO

Classroom Management Rubric for TFI item 1.8

Our High School session featured Hamilton HS in Milwaukee.  They shared work they have done on action planning, using senior class students to teach lessons, re-designing their CICO form to increase student buy-in, and how to introduce staff to the Culturally Responsive journey.

High School PowerPoint

Film Festival Flyer - Invitation to submit films will go out the week of Feb 19th, 2018.

November2017 Networking sessions

This year, the WI PBIS Network has revised their Tier 1 and Tier 2 training materials to better reflect the current knowledge base of how the multi-level system of support can be implemented in a sustainable way.  Our sessions this year will reflect this current body of research.   Each session, we will share 2 of the six features of solid Tier 2 interventions, and drill back to determine what Tier 1 supports are needed to implement these features.  This will be a good check for schools implementing at both levels, and way for Tier 1 schools to prepare their systems for Tier 2. 

Here are the training materials:

Power Point for Internal and External Coaches and Coordinators

Action Plan to Team, Train, Support and Feedback

High School PowerPoint from Whitefish Bay

External Coaches and Coordinators:  This year we will using the material from Elena Aguilar's The Art of Coaching Teams to further our skill set.  In November, coaches will take a survey to assess their core competencies.  Future networking sessions will be developed based on participant needs.  We will also explore Aguilar's meeting agenda format.  Here are the handouts:

Facilitator Core Competencies Survey

Jig Saw Readings

Agenda Example

Tier 2 Booster - Oct 31st, 2017

Here are materials that we using for our Tier 2 Booster:


Tier 2 Booster Workbook

Tier 2 Booster Handout

Communication with Tier 1

Health of Intervention

Next Steps for Students

March 2017  Networking North and South

During this session we focused on Action Planning:  archiving action plans, linking action plans, and creating plans that address outcome and fidelity needs.  


MAP Action Plan Template

RtI Action Plan Template

TIPS Meeting format with Action Plan

TIPS resource site

Sentence Stems for Coaching

Assessment Support Document:  2016/17

2017 - High School Networking

During this session, we heard from Cudahy High School on how their use of SAIG as  their primary Teir 2 Intrventioin, which is supplemented with mentoring.  They also shared how they improved the consistency of staff in issuing office discipline referrals.  The rest of the session was used for networking.

PowerPoint, including Cudahy

January, 2017

We continued to look at ways to sustain PBIS, but looking more at the use of data to prioritize and get teacher feedback.  Specifically, we looked at how to analyze SAS data, how to use the Priority feature of this survey, and how to get staff feedback.  We also looked at the change in the State Recognition process, and introduced the SIR.  The SIR is the survey tool that is used to measure reading and math practices with an Culturally Responsive Multi Level System of Support (CR MLSS).  Finally, schools shared what they were doing at Tier 2.   Here are some resources that we shared.


SIR (link)

Calendar of Assessments (link)  (Scroll to page 14)

TFI Form for Google Conversion

Sample of SAS Communication Tool

During the External Coaching session, we revisited the CR Companion Guide for the TFI, and looked at the Seven Experiences model.  This is a structure for supporting personal professional development in CR.  We also worked on coaching techniques.

Seven Experiences (link to website)

Seven Experience webinars and PowerPoint

Seven Experience Log


November, 2016

Common themes for high school and regional networking sessions including information on sustainability, and the changes in the School of Recognition process.  At networking south, Oak Creek East MS shared on how they established solid faculty buy-in and voice.  The morning sessions were geared to both Tier 1 and Tier 2.

During the Afternoon session, External Coaches and Coordinators went over the Cultrually Responsive Companion Guide to the TFI.

April, 2016

Our networking session took place in Wauwatosa, where we heard from Tosa east on how they invite Student Voice into their school. 

We also shared resources regarding calculating risk ratios, and digging deeper into the data to ask questions that can lead to pwerful action steps.


Flyer for Video Contest  Please do the following to make the downloading process easier:

  1.  A descriptive short title that tells what the video is actually about
  2.  Two to three sentences summarizing what the video is about.
  3. Names of presenters

Risk Ratio Work Sheet

Big Risk Questions

Digging Deeper Guide

Digging Deeper Worksheet

Action Plan

Student Survey


 March, 2016

Tier 1  This session was organized around the Application of Recognition process.  Specific examples of using a Culturally Responsive Data Based decision making process were used to make connections between the application process and the theme of this year's networking.  Resources were shared for Root Cause Analysis, Implcit Bias and Family Engagement.


Root Cause Analysis Work Sheet

Addressing the Root Causes of Disparities in School Discipline excerpt

External Coaching Session - We practiced using clarifying and probing questions to support each other in coaching delimas.

Tier 2:  We reviewed the key components of the Tier 2 systems, and networked around areas of concern.  This is the power point.

Tier 2 Networking PowerPoint

February, 2016 High School Networking Session

This session was held at Franklin High School.  During this session information was shared regarding the Film Festival, Application of Recognition changes,  and Tiered Fidelity Checklist.  We also explored ways of encouraging student voice in PBIS systems.

Here are the handouts:


Elements of Culture Activity (brief)

Elements of Culture Activity (Expanded)

Understanding Culture Article

Film Festival Flyer

January, 2016 Session

We began our session by hearing from Dave Stanley, who has had practice implementing the Tiered Fidelity Checklist (TFI) in his district.  This instrument is a good alternative for schools that have reached fidelity on the BOQ, and are trained in Tier 2.  It can be used instead of the BOQ, MATT and BAT.  The SAS would still be administered in the fall.  Here is the YouTube link for his talk.

We continued our exploration of Culturally Responsive Data Based Decision Making by looking at how to calculate risk ratio.  We used office discipline data for Tier 1. 

Here are the resources from these sessions: 

External Coaches looked at change, and viewed a short video on how to work with staff resistant to change.

 At Tier 2 we compared the number of students receiving 2 - 5 referrals, and the number of students receiving interventions, to see if there were groups that were over represented, or students that may need Tier 2 services that were not receiving them.

Updates:  There will be a slight change in the Application of Recognition process.  Only 4 narrative questions will be asked:  Family Engagement, Classroom Management, Culturally Responsive Practices, and Action planning using data.

There are on line TA's every month for Tier 1 and Tier 2. 

  • Tier 1 TA flyer
  • Tier 2 TA flyer

There has been a change in the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Overview schedule. There are one more Tier 1 overview (Feb 19th from 9:30 - 11:30) this year, and only two Tier 2 Overviews (Jan 29th and May 20th).  Please contact your TAC if you have a school in need of an overview.

Upcoming events:


November, 2015 Session

This year, our networking sessions will be focused on Culturally Responsive Data Based Decision Making. Our themes for each session will be:
1. Cultural Awareness
2. Evaluating System's Impact
3. Digging Deeper
We will also be sharing information that we feel will support schools considering applying for Schools of Recognition.

In November's session, we also introduced the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI). The session concluded with networking. It appears that many schools are challenged with how to sustain their efforts to implement the PBIS framework over time, and in the face of many new initiatives.

Here are the handouts:

During our High School Networking session, Indian Trail shared the wonderful work that they are doing.  Here is a link to that Power Point:  

Indian Trail Power Point

The Risk Ratio Calculator can be found on our WI PBIS Website by clicking on Resource Section found in the Educator Tab.  Scroll down to find Risk Ratio Calculator.

The link to register for Academic Seminar webinars is:  This is a Tier 2 intervention that is appropriate for Middle and High Schools.


March Networking Session

At our final networking session for the year, we focused on Engaging Stakeholders and the Applications of Recognition.  Also, just a reminder that schools should be completing their BOQ.  There are reminders on the protocol for doing in the power point.  Here are the handouts from our morning Tier 1 session:

Power Point
Engaging Stakeholders
Film Contest Flyer
Intrinsic Motivation
At the Tier 2 networking meeting we revisited FBA's and BIP's.  This is the time of year to complete the BAT.
Here are handouts:
The agenda for state wide webinars is here:  COL Dates
Behavior Pathway
Casey Interview

February HS Networking Session

We had a tour of the West Allis Learning Center, and Dave Stanley from West Allis shared how they used data for decision making.  Information was shared regarding School of Recognition applications and the changes in the PBIS website.  Networking focused on acknowledgements.

Power Point

Pulaski Incentive Program

High School Acknowledgement Matrix

Dropout Reduction Strategies

January 13th and 14th Coaches Networking Sessions

Topics for the Tier 1 sessuib included school presentations on how they used data (Wauwatosa and Cudahy).  Also, information on the changes in the PBIS website, which will affect any implementation survey beginnin mid December.


During the External Coaches session, we demonstrated the Consultancy Protocole.  Slides explaining this process are in the power point above.  Here are the handouts:

Consultancy Protocol Description

Guide to Probing Questions

Delimmas and Focus Questions

The Tier 2 Networking Session had a SAIG focus.  Here is a checklist for determining fidelity of SAIG

SAIG Fidelity Checklist 1

SAIG Fidelity Checklist 2

November 18 and 19, 2014 Coaches Networking Sessions

Topics for the Tier 1 session included Family Engagement and making connections between PBIS and Educator Effectiveness.  Here are the handouts:


Cesa 6 Connections

Danielson Connections

Treasure Hunt Activity

Guide for Navigating the On-Line Resource

Famiy Engagement Checklist

Gudie for Using the Checklist

Topics for the Tier 2 sessions centered around CICO.  Here are those handouts:

CICO Checklist

Community of Learners Flyer 

November 14,  2014 High School Networking Session

Topics for this networking session included Oak Creek sharing on their success with staff buy-in, and an introduction to the Early Warning system for high schools  Here are the handouts>


Predictors of Postsecondary Success

Risk Indicator for Not Graduating

Early Warning System Resources: Getting Started 

April 8th and 9th, 2014

At this meeting, we answered questions regarding the BOQ and completing the Applications for Recogntion.  We also shared examples of action plans, both at the school and district levels.  We discussed items on the SAS and BOQ that refer to sharing with stake holders, and shared an example of a presentation to school board members.  We also shared examples of sharing with families and community members.  Finally, we reviewed and networked around Acknowledgement systems.  Below are the handouts used:

Power Point

5 Year District action Plan

Multi Tiered Action Plan

Problem Solving Meeting agenda

Low cost reinforcements for adults

Adult Acknowledgement Matrix

Toki Middle School Matrix for Adults and Students

Blank Matrix 

February 12, 2014

This was a PBIS dedicated session, with a focus on Family Engagement, Coaching skills, Disagregating data, SAS Action Planning, and integrating PBIS at the classroom level with the Effective Educator.  Important dates:

Schools of Recognition:  March 3rd to May 2nd, 2014

Deadline for Film Festival Submissions:  May 1st.  Note: No longer than 3 minutes, and must be in correct format.

Summer Leadership Conference:  Registration opens March 3rd, 2014

Here are the documents we used:

Power Point

Coaches Calendar

Coaching Key Vocabulary

Coaching:  Something a Coach Might Say...

SAS Action Planning    Summary

Epstein's Types of Family Engagement

Family Engagement Action Plan

Family Engagement Checklist

Checklist Guiding Questions

Family Engagement Survey

FEPA - Pilot Doc

Please see the PBIS Film Festival Banner on our home page for more information about this event.  Also, go to the Resource Section, and look at the Risk Ratio Calculator tool for disaggregating data.

December, 2013

This was an integrated session, in which we began the work of looking at the vision and purpose of integrating academic and behavior RtI systems.  Here are the handouts:

2013/14 SE Region Workshops

AM - Guiding Questions

AM - Integrated Networking Action Plan

PM1 - Identifying Current Teams

PM2 - Necesarry Conversations

PM3 - Team Analysis Work Sheet

PM 4- Teaming Plan

PM5 - Teaming Plan Example

PM6 - AmenUhOhSayWhat

Power Point

Problem Solving Agenda



October, 2013

At this months networking session, we discussed upcoming events, Tier 2 readiness, coaching to various skill and will levels, and  family engagement.

Upcoming Events:

Coaches Forum has been postponed until after Winter Break

Classroom Management Workshop: Jan 28th or Mar 27th.  Designed for teams whose schools are looking addressing classroom management and/or Effective Educator standards.

Self Assessment Surveys should be completed this fall.

Networking Sessions:  RtI and PBIS Integrated Sessions:  Dec 17th and May 12th from 9 to 3 at the Excellence Center.  $25 fee per session.  (No charge for those signed up for the 5 PBIS networking sessions.)

                                    PBIS Dedicated Sessions:  Feb 11th (CESA 1) or Feb 12th (Cudahy HS)   and     Apr 8th (Cudahy HS) or Apr 9th (CESA 1)

                                        External Coaches:  9 - 3  ($50 for 5 session series);  Internal Coaches Noon - 3 ($25 for 5 session series)

Power Point

Classroom Management Flyer

HIgh Will High Skill Worksheet

Family Engagement Checklist

Family Engagement Action plan (Bring this document to each networking session)

Family Survey

Implementation Survey questions that relate to Family Engagement

Link to Helmet Sticker video




May 21st, 2013

At Coaches Corner, we discussed time management for internal coaches, and challenges faced and ways to address them.  We also discussed characteristics of a good team, and how to work with "meeting monsters".  We shared some common mistakes that we saw when reviewing Applications for Distinction, such as using Tier 2 supports to address disproportionality, and listing the teaching of school-wide expectations in the class setting as classroom management.  Finally, we had several coaches share resources that they found helpful in their job.

At the Tier 2 meeting we discussed time management and reviewed best practices.  We discussed how to back-fill if Tier 1 pieces were not in place. 

Next year, we will be integrating behavior and academic networking meetings for at least 2 sessions.  In order for us to best meet your needs, we requested that 2 very brief surveys be completed.  Those links, as well the documents we shared, are below: 

Power Point

Topics Survey      Format Survey

How I Spend My Time

Meeting Monsters

Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Capability Maturity Model

9 Rules of Rock Climbing

Materials from school presentations:

Dave from West Alis presented on Live Binders.  If you want access to his binder, contact him at:

Live Binders

Patrick and Angie presented from Brown Deer on how to use Google Forms to create short surveys and get feedback from staff.

Emily from Wauwatosa presented on School Board Presentations.  Below are her power point presentations

2010 presentation

2012 Presentation

March, 2013

The snow resulted in rescheduling our CESA 1 Coaches Corner.  Here are the documents that we shared at all of our networking sessions this week.  With a late valentine theme, we discussed the newly released applications for distinguished schools, information on this summer's WI PBIS Network Leadership Conference (Aug 20th and 21st), the Wisconsin Film Festival, the BOQ (which schools should begin completing), and how to use outcome data with the TIPs like model.  We also discussed readiness for Tier 2.  Here are the document used:

Power Point

BOQ documents:  Scoring Guide, Team member rating, scoring form, Tally sheet

TIPs Like Agenda

Action Tool for Problem Solving

WI Film Festival Flyer

At our Tier 2 session, we introduced the MATT, the equivalent of the TIPs for progress monitoring Tier 2 systems.  Here are the documents we shared:

MATT: Coaches GuideTeam Scoring Guide, Action Plan Tool


October, 2012

This year, the Wisconsin PBIS Network has a special focus on developing External Coaches.  A strong External Coach is considered a key component to school's implementing PBIS with fidelity, and has been shown to decrease the amount of time that schools need to fully implement the PBIS framework.  We encourage External Coaches to attend all of the training sessions available locally and stae-wide.  H ere are the handouts from this month's Coaches Corner, Tier 1

Power Point

External Coach Responsibilities (CESA 1)

Coach Self Assessment

Problem Solving Agenda

Meeting Fidelity Checklist

Problem Solving Agenda for Tier 2 meeting

Training Calendar

Upcoming Coach Events:  The next Coaches Corner will be on December 5th at CESA 1, and repeated at Oak Creek High School on December 6th. 

There will also be on Adobe Connect Session on Oct 15th from 2-4 pm.  This will connect all coaches state wide.

On October 30th and 31st, the state wide External Coaches Forum will be held at Olypia Village.  Regester on the Wisconsin PBIS Network Website.

January, 1, 2012
Here is the registration and informational flyer for the upcoming New Team Member training.  This sesions is schedule for Friday, January 27th.  The location is: 7630 S 10th Street, Oack Creek, 53154 

New Universal Team Member Training

When the session is full, we will post a notice on this site.

December, 2011

 As we move quickly toward the beginning of the new year, remember to get your readiness checklists in if you are planning on having a school trained.  Once your TAC has the lists, you will be given the okay to register.

Important training dates: Administrative overview for the PBIS process:  Jan 5th  8:30 - 11:30

Universal Training at CESA 1:  January 12th, 19th, 26th and May 1st at CESA 1

High School Universal Training:  January 31, Feb 9, 10 and 16, with a final Technical Assitance Day to be announced.  Held at Sarah Scott, Milwaukee Public Schools  (Note:  The extra day of training will allow more time for teams to plan.)

One day Review Session for High Schools that have been trained:  February 15th  Held in Oconomowoc

At the Coaches Corner this month, we discussed Aknowledgement Systems and Data Analysis.  Here are some resources from that session:

December Power Point

Team meeting fidelity checklist

Low Cost Elementary and Secondary Incentives

Low Cost Adult Incentives

Blank Acknowledgement Matrix

3 tiers of Acknowledgement

Rewards Article

Have a great holiday season!

Lori and Marlene


November, 2011

 We hope you found the resources provided at the last Coaches Corner useful.  Here is a list of the documents related to classroom management that you can access:

Power point

10 point scale and Routine exercises

Postive Tally sheet

Example of Primary classroom matrix

Example of Reading classroom matrix

Blank Classroom Matrix

Ideas for staff development

Our next Coaches Corner, on December 13th, will focus on Acknowledgement Systems, Boosters and Celebrations.  We will begin our session as usual, with updates, then allow some time for coaches to share things that they have used from the Nov 1st session, and answer any questions related to classroom management.  We'll use most of the time to share and network and problem solve around Acknowledgement Systems, Boosters and Celebrations.

The final hour will be for External Coaches only, with topics specific related to their role.

We look forward to  Please sign up for this session, so that we can plan for handouts.

Also, please take advantage of the Coaches Forum, November 29th (8:30 - 3:30).  Topics will include Action Planning with the TIC and SAS, Action Planning using ODR's, and Coaching for Systems Change.  The fee is $50, and will be held at the Excellence Center in Waukesha.   Please see the Calendar for information on how to register.

Your TACs,
Marlene and Lori

September 2011

We were excited to meet with everyone Tuesday for the Coaches Forum.  We had a request for the slides from our power point. You can download the actual power point here (large, lengthy download) or you can download the slides with notes as an Adobe file here (smaller, faster download).  If you access the note section, you will see talking points and explanations for the slides.

We have a schedule of the upcoming Coaches' Corner meetings, along with tentative topics.  We will be discussing classroom management at our next meeting in November.  External Coaches have asked that this session be open to Internal Coaches as well, which we will do.  Please register early, to make sure we have a space that can accommodate everyone if we end up with a bigger than usual turn out.

Finally, there seems to be an interest in continuing with our current format of following the general meeting with a 40 minute networking and informational session with External Coaches.  External Coaches, please leave time in your calendars to attend this.

Your TACs,
Lori and Marlene

April 2011

Congratulations to CESA #1 Area Schools!  We now have 82 schools that have reached fidelity!  This is up from 68 schools in March.  Keep up the good work!

Our last Coaches Corner Networking Meeting was held on April 19th. The Following topics were reviewed:

School Recogntion Applications are due by May 6th. 

Spring is the time to complete the Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ) Survey. Please be sure to have your teams complete this important survey.

Summer Leadership Conference - watch for details soon!

Readiness requirements for Tier 2 were dicussed. 

Tier 1 Universal Technical Assistance Day will be held at CESA #1 on Friday, May 6th.  See the CESA website for further information.

There will be 6 Coaches Corner Networking Sessions during the 2011-12 school year. Watch for details on the CESA #1 website.

Sharing time - Coaches shared positives from their schools and there was lots of celebrating! Coaches agreed that their schools have made great strides this year in implementing PBIS.  Many schools have made presentations to thier School Boards and some have had PBIS Parent Nights.  You have all done a wonderful job supporting PBIS implementation!

May 2011 

Schools in the Southeast Region continue to make great progress implementing PBIS.  In April 82 schools were at fidelity and in May 91 schools have reached fidelity!  Keep up the great work!

The Coaches Corner Networking Sessions have been scheduled for the 2011-2012 school year.  Two additional sessions have been added for a total of 6 networking meetings.  We will continue to meet at the CESA #1 office on Tuesdsays, from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.  The Coaches Corner Networking dates are as follows: 

September 20, 2011

November 1, 2011

December 13, 2011

February 7, 2012

March 20, 2012

May 8, 2012

Registration for Coaching Sessions is done through the CESA #1 website. Please contact me with any questions, issues or subjects you would like addressed at the Coaching meetings.

Registration for Wisconsin's Summer PBIS Leadership Conference is open!  Please plan on attending with your team and register early. We are looking forward to a wonderful conference! I hope to see many of you there.

Southeast Region Contact

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PBIS Regional Technical Assistance Coordinator

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