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Yuliana Manriquez

Regional Technical
Assistance Coordinator

Welcome to the Wisconsin PBIS Network - Southeast Region

I'm ecstatic to be serving as a Regional Technical Assistance Coordinator. Due to my experience with hands-on classroom and building PBIS implementation, I had the pleasure of working as an RtI PBIS Coach in a large urban district for a few years. In this capacity, I have been able to support dozens of schools, their administrators, and staff at all three tiered levels of behavioral support. I work most with school teams to ensure systems and structures are in place to most effectively address and improve student behavior leading to positive academic outcomes. I have created and facilitated numerous PBIS trainings and workshops for teachers, PBIS teams, principals, and other school staff members. My understanding in integrating PBIS and RtI structures has helped shape my perceptions and become more sensitive to diverse school cultures, determine their needs, and assist with problem solving. I now specialize as a tier 1 trainer at the RtI Center. Along with my fellow TAC's, Lori Cameron and Emilie O'Connor, I look forward to supporting your school and district to further achievement for all students.

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Yuliana Manriquez

PBIS Regional Technical Assistance Coordinator

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