Self-Assessment Survey (SAS)

The SAS is an annual assessment used by schools to identify the staff perception of the implementation status and improvement priority for school-wide, classroom, non-classroom and individual student systems. Results of the SAS are effective in identifying the staff priorities for Action Planning. 
  • Conducted initially and then annually - preferably in the fall each year
  • Completed by all staff that have contact with students
  • Determines the status of PBIS in a school as perceived by all staff members
  • Guides the development of an action plan for improving PBIS implementation
  • Schools scoring 80 percent or higher on the Implementation Average are implementing universal/tier 1 PBIS with fidelity


Teams interested in knowing more about staff perception of SWPBIS implementation across all systems may favor the SAS. All school staff are encouraged to take the survey in PBIS Assessment, with at least 80% recommended for reliable results. When the survey window has closed and all participants have had a chance to take the survey, PBIS Assessment summarizes the individual responses providing a summary available to view the next day.