Team Implementation Checklist (TIC)

The TIC is a progress monitoring tool used to assess Universal (Tier 1) implementation. Teams using the TIC will be able to:
  • Examine their Tier 1 implementation fidelity - Are we doing what we said we would?
  • Identify Tier 1 implmentation elements as in place, partially in place or not in place to inform action planning
    • What are our strengths that we can acknowledge?
    • What can we do to improve
  • Guides the development of an action plan for improving PBIS implementation
  • Schools scoring 80 percent or higher are implementing universal/tier 1 PBIS with fidelity. Instructions for calculating your total score can be found here.


School teams at the beginning of SWPBIS implementation will opt to use the TIC to assess Universal (Tier I) implementation. School teams complete the TIC. Coordinators and school teams can enter TIC results in PBIS Assessment.


Quarterly - 3-4 times per year