Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI)

The School-wide PBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) is a new PBIS fidelity assessment accessed through PBISApps.org. The TFI measures fidelity at all three tiers of PBIS, and each tier is measured independently. It can be used as a progress monitoring tool and as an annual assessment tool. Recommended use is fall, winter, and spring until fidelity is met (70% at tier 1) and then yearly in the spring to measure sustained fidelity. Research continues to be conducted to establish the fidelity indicators for tiers 2 and 3.

The TFI is designed to help schools more systematically plan their implementation efforts for more effective PBIS implementation. After completing the TFI, schools can action plan around the results. They can leverage their strengths and consider improving the aspects of implementation that will have the biggest impact for the lowest cost of resources (i.e., time, money). It is recommended that schools identify 1-3 items for the team to meaningfully focus on.

Schools have the option of using the TFI to replace multiple assessments each year but are not required to change assessment tools. As they implement more than one tier, a team should consider using the TFI for greater efficiency with assessments, time, and action-planning. Use of the TFI can replace the Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ) and Team Implementation Checklist (TIC) at tier 1 and use of the Benchmarks of Advanced Tiers (BAT) and Monitoring Advanced Tiers Tool (MATT) at tiers 2 and 3.

Continued use of the Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) is recommended as this survey provides the school-wide perception of implementation. Feedback is important in gauging buy-in and evaluating communication with staff. Key questions to ask are, “Is there a discrepancy between your team fidelity results (i.e., TFI) and your all-staff fidelity results (SAS)? If so, why?”

Schools may use the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) or the Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ) as a measure of fidelity for 2016 Recognized School applications (scores must be entered in PBISapps.org).

For more information, contact a PBIS Technical Assistance Coordinator in your region.

Resources for Getting Started:

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PBIS Cultural Responsiveness Field Guide (This guide includes the TFI Cultural Responsiveness Companion, an action planning resource that teams can use to improve their implementation.)

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