Tier One Playlist

A successful Culturally Responsive Multi-level System of Support is built on the foundation of a strong universal level of support. These videos will give you insight and ideas for how to build yours.

Majors, Minors, and Migraines

This video provides technical assistance at the tier 1 level for refining school building level discipline system at the classroom level. The presenters cover the purpose for tracking minors, how to look for patterns of behavior, and efficient ways to track minors. You will learn how to systematically respond to student behavior within a continuum that teaches desired behavior while discouraging repeated behavioral errors. Presenters: Jennifer Grenke and Michelle Polzin

Equitable Practices for Preventing and Responding to Problem Behavior

Online Tier I Technical Assistance: Equitable Practices for Preventing and Responding to Problem Behavior. This technical assistance session focuses on decision points in PBIS systems that are vulnerable to implicit bias or environmental factors. A specific strategy to address these vulnerable decision points (VDPs) is addressed.

Tier 1 Online Technical Assistance: Are we at Fidelity?

Presented by Amy Tranel and Milaney Leverson(Screen blank the first 2 minutes) This session examines annual evaluation of PBIS systems with the Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ) and the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI).

Setting Up Your Acknowledgement Systems

Presented by Wisconsin PBIS Technical Assistance Coordinators Michelle Polzin and Amy Tranel, this webinar discusses acknowledge systems and how they work. For schools these formal systems will include a set of written procedures outlining specific behavioral expectations that are used across settings and within classrooms.

Tier I Online Technical Assistance: Discipline vs. Punishment

This video explains the difference between discipline and punishment, while one helps build skills the other does not. Additional resources are shared for teachers to begin using immediately. Presenters: Michelle Polzin and Jennifer Grenke